You are all very special people to be taking such good care of special children. You have helped all the children so much in different ways! May God bless you all and wish you a Happy 2010 New Year!

Gabi loves you all! Can never thank you enough! Special thanks 4 Noha and Anna! All the best + Love always Kim

Raed Happy New Year 31/ 12/ 09

Movement is the Foundation of Learning

Success Stories

A. M.

Date of birth: 11/1/1997

Date of joining the MOVE program: 12/11/2006

The student A. M. suffers from Cerebral Palsy (CP) and brain atrophy. He joined the program when he was 9 years old.


Following the first assessment, it was noted that he is capable of moving but with complete assistance. A.M.’s mother’s request was to have A.M. take steps, walk with the least assistance possible, and better engage with the community.

Since following the MOVE program, A.M. has managed to take steps with partial assistance, be it by independent use of a walking device or with slight assistance from another person.