Year after year (4 now) MOVE proves to be the best place to accommodate Seba’s needs. In MOVE Seba has developed alot and with MOVE’s pleasant environment Seba has kept her Big smile despite of her physical disability. In MOVE Seba has continued to be: اجمل بنت واشطر بنت

As I always praise her. Really the many many thanks I can say or write here are not enough to show how much appreciation I have for the whole MOVE family

Seba and Mona

Movement is the Foundation of Learning

Success Stories

Y. H.

Date of birth: 29/12/2001

Date of joining the program: 1/5/2009

The student Y. H. has a medium case of Cerebral Palsy and suffers from severe weakness in the muscles of his legs. He is enrolled in a regular public school, but cannot move independently. The student attends the MOVE Center four days a week, and public school two days a week.


After developing a special program based on the student’s needs, be it acting independently or with the least possible assistance, Y. H. is now capable, through the adaptation of physiotherapy with skills and daily activities, of being largely self-dependent at home and is better capable of dealing with his movements. He can now walk with partial assistance and is even more self-dependent in school.