Very special team, looking after special children. Seba is blessed having the chance to spend her days in MOVE around you. Thank you very much & special thanks from Seba. Happy 2010

Mona Hammouda

Movement is the Foundation of Learning

Success Stories

M. S.

Date of birth: 28/8/2001

Date of joining the program: 8/6/2006

The child M. S. suffers from Cerebral Palsy (CP) due to lack of oxygen at delivery. M.S. joined the program with the objective of helping him sit unassisted, stand by himself or with the least possible assistance, and take assisted steps.


Over the course of his time at the MOVE Center, M.S. was able to sit completely independently and stand with partial assistance. The child also managed to take steps with slight assistance.

M.S. has graduated from the MOVE program and has been admitted into the public school system.