Year after year (4 now) MOVE proves to be the best place to accommodate Seba’s needs. In MOVE Seba has developed alot and with MOVE’s pleasant environment Seba has kept her Big smile despite of her physical disability. In MOVE Seba has continued to be: اجمل بنت واشطر بنت

As I always praise her. Really the many many thanks I can say or write here are not enough to show how much appreciation I have for the whole MOVE family

Seba and Mona

Movement is the Foundation of Learning

Purposes of the training

Service Care Providers:

The specialized, four-day training courses offered by the MOVE Foundation aim at improving the skill level of those working in the disability field in order to help them acquire creative means and tools in dealing with children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and other motion disabilities.


These two-day training courses are designed to pass on skills to parents that will enhance their interactions with their children through the use of positive and creative approaches.